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Defective Product Injuries

Mann & Trimble offers extensive experience across a broad range of personal injuries, including Product Liability injuries. Product Liability lawsuits result from an injury inflicted by products that often have known defects or even product recalls.

Every year, thousands of people are injured or killed due to unsafe or defective products. A defective product may not be part of a recall. In fact, the issue could be limited to a single product – yours. Either way, when a recalled or defective product causes an injury, we want to help you.

Listed below are several defective products examples that Mann & Trimble can assist you with to recover potential losses:

  • Children's Products


    ·  Crib Recalls                   ·  Infant Formula               ·  Stroller Recalls


  • Food Products


    ·  Tainted Produce            ·  Parasitic Infections         ·  Toxic Foods


  • Household Products


    · Defective Heating Pads    ·  Kitchen Appliances        ·  Power Tools/Saws

  • Medical Appliances or Devices


    ·  Pacemakers                    ·  Joint Replacement        ·  Breast Implants


  • Personal Care


    ·  Defective Cosmetic Skin Care Products   ·  Contact Lens Solution

  • Vehicle and related products


    ·  Defective Seat Belts        ·  Faulty Wiring                ·  Tires

  • Prescription drugs


  • Everyday over-the-counter medications

Contact the Mann & Trimble Law Offices today to schedule a free consultation, and  learn how we can help obtain fair compensation for your injury or loss.




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